Jewelry Making Instructions

Jewelry making instructions are very essential and the major source of any jewelry making project. By following it very carefully, you will attain the look and perfection of your jewelry project. In this section the designer or maker of the jewelry will first read and study the whole instructions before starting on his or her project.

Jewelry making instructions are your main guide on how to start and end on your jewelry project. By mastering some of the basic rules, you will get yourself familiar with every term that are being used and described on each different jewelry project. Through these instructions, you will also learn how to put more unique designs on your jewelry project.

Here are two samples of jewelry making instruction:

Chevron Friendship Bracelet

Things you’ll need:

Embroidery floss in your choice of colors:
The Chevron can be made using different colors (one color combination or three to four color combination). This jewelry project calls for five colors: blue (1), rust (2), yellow (3), green (4), and brown (5).
Masking tape, a safety pin and pillow, or a clipboard
Measuring Tape

Jewelry Making Instructions:

Step 1
Cut strands of your necklace or bracelet to desired length. For this particular project, 50 inches will produce approximately a 5 inch (including loop and knot) tight friendship bracelet.

Step 2
Fold strands of thread in half and make a loop and make a tight knot at the top. Pin the knot you tie to your workstation pillow to keep it from moving.

Step 3
Arrange colors with pattern such as 12345 54321. The outer strands (blue) will be used first for the bracelet pattern.

Step 4
Starting on the right side and using the blue thread strand, make four backward

Step 5
From the left side with the blue thread strand, make five forward knots. The fifth knot will join the blue strands which should be placed in the center of your bracelet. The color arrangement will be 23451 15432.

Step 6
Continue steps 4 and 5 until you reach the length you want for your bracelet.

Step 7
Divide the thread strands into two sections, and in each group you start braiding it.

Simple Drop Earrings


2 headpins or eyepins
2 earwires
beads of your choice
round-nose pliers

Jewelry making instructions:

1. Find a Head Pin
Head pins are normally flat on the upper part. This is essential for the jewelry making project.

2. Add Beads
Put some assorted beads or gemstones on the head pin. You can mix and match with different colors and styles. You can also use spacer beads. This spacer beads are used to break up the colored gems.

3. Begin Loop
Bend the head-pin 90?.Use a nose-plier for this procedure.

4. Finish Loop
Bend the end of the head pin over to complete the loop. Insert the bead and bend the end again to lock in the bead.

Now that you’ve learn some of the jewelry making instructions for your project, you are now ready to start on a new jewelry project. Remember to study well the instructions first.

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