How to Make Necklaces

In the rule of how to make necklaces, first you should know what type of project will suit your knowledge. If you are a novice maker, then do settle on a less complicated project. Maybe a single beaded necklace with assorted stones or gems will do well. Don’t attempt to do anything involving such tricky ways unless you have knowledge about it because doing so will only make your work unsuccessful.

The other rule that falls under how to make necklace, you should gather and have at hand all the materials needed. The materials you need on a certain necklace project can be easily found on a bead shop and even on a craft store. But as I, myself, whose been making bead jewelry for five years, I prefer to shop around different bead shops because through it, I can compare prices and quality plus you can get to choose to a wide array of colorful and eye catching beads, stones and gems.

There are many ways on how to make necklaces depending on what kind of necklace you are going to create. There are necklaces with charms and pendant, with photo tag and it all differ from the length such as the long ones, choker, collar length and much more.

Here is one of the sample instructions on how to make necklaces:

Beaded Necklace


Clasp (including jump rings)
21 or 49 strand flexible beading wire or beading thread
Sterling silver or gold-filled crimp beads
Super glue or GS Hyo Cement if using thread
Crimp beads
At least 4 small beads to protect your crimps beads and hide your wire or thread “tails.”
Beads of your choice for necklace, such as glass, stone, ceramic and many more
Crimping pliers or chain nose pliers
Flush cutter
beading needles


• Look for strong wire that has 21 or 49 strands of stainless steel wire,thinly coated with nylon.

• Before cutting your desired length for thread or wire, determine the length of your necklace and add 4-8″, so that you have enough thread remaining or wire left for the lock to put on.

• You will need two to four crimping beads and a special crimping tool such as a pair of chain nose pliers can be used in place of a crimping tool.

• Slide and start stringing a tiny bead (2-4mm) on the threading material, then string next the crimping bead, then another tiny bead on the stringing material about an inch until it reaches the other end of the string.

• Choose your beads or gemstones, arrange it and lay out your design before stringing.

• Do the same procedure as in step 3

• Leave a small amount of slack or spaces in the necklace (2-4 mm or 1/4″). This will allow the beads to rotate and move and avoid scratches of the beads’ surfaces.

• Crimp the second end of the last string and cut the end of the stringing material using slush cutters.

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