How to Make Bracelets

By reading this informative article about how to make bracelets, you will be inspired to start a jewelry making project almost instantly. There are many kinds of bracelets and there are also different ways and even tricks on how you could make beautiful bracelets that you can wear on your wrist all the time. By following all the steps in making bracelets, you will surely have eye catching results in no time though most of the projects do need some time to learn and understand. Still, patience and practice do makes perfect.

Learning all the basic steps and knowing and gathering all the materials needed in how to make bracelets are both very important. Make sure you gather all the materials available so everything will be at hand when you need it. There are many different types of bracelets you can make such as friendship bracelets and this kind of bracelets have also different designs and styles you can choose from.

Here is a sample instruction of how to make bracelets:

Floss Friendship Bracelet (One of a great gift you can give to your buddies as it symbolizes you’re the friendship you are sharing to other. It will be a lot special if you will be the one who’s going to make it!)


Embroidery floss
Small craft or old pillow
Safety pin
60“ Fabric tape measure


Once you have decided on what kind of bracelet pattern and what kind of color scheme,you should now measure the strands of thread to the desired length and cut. Next lay the strands of thread together, lining first their centers up. Fold the strands of thread in half and make a tight knot at the center, leaving a loop approximately ? – ? an inch long. This same loop you tie will be used to tie the bracelet when your project’s complete. When you have the loop at the length you want for your bracelet, pull on the strands of the remaining thread to make the knot tighter.

Now lay out the strands in the order the pattern suggests. You may try different variations of color patterns to see which looks best on your skin tone. You can then begin knotting. After reaching the desired length of your bracelet, separate the strands into 2 equal groups.

Braid each group of thread to at least 4 inches and put a tight knot at the bottom of the thread. Pull the remaining strands to tighten the knots.

Now that you understand and learn one of the many instructions on how to make bracelets, you are now ready to start on your first jewelry project. Gather all the needed materials, read again this sample instruction and you’d soon find yourself making the most eye catching friendship bracelet that not just your friends will appreciate as well as yourself.

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