Common Jewelry Making Mistakes to Avoid

One of the common jewelry making mistakes to avoid is first the mistakes beginners often experience is when they choose a certain design, they thought it would be a lot easier to try in on their own hands which of course, it’s not. Not all designs are suited for novice jewelry makers so make sure that you choose for the simplest and novice perfect design to practice your craft on them first. By following this, you could appreciate the beauty of jewelry making more and would even inspire you more to try for another set which can be also great for personal gifts to your loved ones.

The second common jewelry making mistakes to avoid is when novice jewelry maker don’t follow the basic rule such as measuring and cut the wire into the right length, making a loop on the end of the wire and how the wire should be straighten out. This three basic steps are very easy to follow and will contribute to a successful jewelry if novice jewelry maker will only follow and put into practice first. When novice makers don’t follow these rules, the outcome has some irregularities on it both in the designs and length of the jewelry.

The next common jewelry making mistakes to avoid is when novice jewelry maker used and placed all the pegs in the patterns of the design at the start of the jewelry. What all novices don’t know is that first you have to put only two pegs then as you continue to work on your jewelry; you add more pegs as you go with it. Make sure to start with two pegs only so it will be a lot easier for you to add up more pegs in the middle of your project up to the end. By following this, you could achieve the perfect design of jewelry you want.

Another common jewelry making mistakes to avoid is when a novice jewelry maker is in not pushing the wire with just one finger while they hold and move the jig with their non-dominant hand. The most important thing about wire component is to keep the wire straight until you are ready to bend it against or around a peg. The last thing to remember is to never release your grip because this will only allows the wire to relax back to its normal position. Make sure to follow all these rules and tips to avoid any common jewelry making mistakes. By following this from the start of your project, expect to have beautiful and perfect results. Who knows you might even now start with a more tricky designs and patterns that at the end will give you more smiles.

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